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BSK flotation machine

Production situation :

Processing power :BSK series pneumatic type flotation machine is suitable for the concentrator of copper, lead, zinc, nickel, molybdenum, gold and other non-ferrous metal mineral material, also can be used for black metal (iron) and non-metal (coal, fluorite, talc, quartz

Range of application :Widely used in the industry is the bubble flotation method, which is characterized by the flotation agent treated by the mineral material selectively attached to the pulp in the bubble, floating on the surface of the slurry to form a mineralized foam laye

Product introduction :Flotation machine is the use of mineral surface wettability of the difference of fine grained material flotation machine now

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Product advantage

  The main structure features and application characteristics as follows: U tub, stir well, not easy to deposit;Simple structure, convenient adjustment;Low energy consumption.At the same level configuration suction slurry tank to form independent flotation circuit.Don't need a bubble pump;Pulp cycle performance is good, uniform dispersion, air bubble stable suspension and reagent consumption;Equipped with advanced ore slurry level control system for gas, drug delivery and other operation and adjustment, which can realize automation control.Product introduction

  Is widely used in the industrial froth flotation method, its characteristic is, ore treated by flotation reagents material selectively attached to the pulp in the bubbles, floating to the surface of slurry form the mineralized froth layer, so as to realize the separation of minerals.

  BS - K flotation machine, the type flotation machine adopts "U" shaped inflatable tub hollow shaft and the suspension of the stator, especially the use of a new type of impeller, backward of cone impeller blades, Yang to send large amount of pulp, pressure head is small, low power consumption, simple structure, the impeller chamber configured in porous cylinder air distributor.Air can be evenly dispersed in advance in most area of impeller blades, have larger pulp is exposed to air interface.

  The flotation machine is working, as the rotation of the impeller, groove pulp from around the tank bottom by the lower impeller suction to the blower impeller blades to into the low pressure air by hollow shaft and the impeller chamber air distributor, also enter it.After pulp is fully mixed with the air in the blade, half above the surrounding syncline launched from the impeller, from the stator current and directed into the trough.Bubbles rise to the foam stability region, mineralization enrichment, the overflow weir overflow.To another part of the pulp to the lower part of impeller flow, then through mixing, mixed to form mineralized bubbles again.The rest of the pulp flow to the next trough until eventually into tailings.

Product introduction

Technical parameters

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