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Common problem

Crusher equipment installation and operation methods

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy Industry Co., LTD.   Release time :2017-04-20

Broken machine of installation operation using method, broken machine equipment installation operation General customer will let we manufacturers technology for operation, today we mountains heavy workers to everyone told Xia on broken machine of operation program, first we in started Qian should check the institutions whether warehouse door, machine operation process in the strictly ban door to prevent occurred dangerous, remember broken machine must is empty of started, will in normal operation Hou, only Xia production of purpose. Followed by the particle size requirements, the General Assembly has resulted in damage to the equipment and low output. At exceptional interrupt results show that stop, solve problems, and then used in the production. We regularly add lubricant, rotating bearing parts. Level should be mounted on a concrete foundation, and fixed with the bolt. Installation of the main fuselage and the vertical level, some loose bolts after installation check, whether the doors and tighten up and strengthen the host country, depending on the equipment configuration both the power and the power control switch. Last check, load testing, testing, production can be normal. During the installation process, we pay attention to each step and link, anything unclear about be sure to consult our mountains and heavy Crusher technical experts, not blind action!

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