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Jaw Crusher installation and operation points for attention

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy Industry Co., LTD.   Release time :2017-04-20

Mountain equipment: Jaw Crusher installation and operation points for attention

Jaw Crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries in various ores and large blocks of medium-granularity break. Highest compressive strength of crushing material is 320Mpa.

To protect crushers safety normal operation continuous, full capacity of play equipment, in the installation and operation should be aware of the following considerations:

(L) Jaw Crusher is a heavy duty equipment, vibration, so crusher is based should be separated from workshops platforms such as building foundations and broken rack between the Foundation and vibration reduction measures taken (such as rubber or wooden pads).

(2) before the start of the equipment must be fully examined. Such as tooth wear, discharge, belt and spring tension rod, oil lubrication system, screws, and remove residual lump ore crushing Chamber.

(3) start the crusher before you open pump and cooling system (grease lubrication should be the oil), 3-4min, oil pressure and oil flow normally, and then start the crusher machine.

(4) Jaw Crusher must be unloaded start is set properly before they can start feeding machine, feeding volume increases gradually until full.

(5) Jaw Crusher feeding should be uniform, full feed is not allowed. Maximum block size should not be greater than 0.85 times the width of opening. Prevention of non-breaking (shovel teeth, drill, etc) into the crushing cavity.

(6) normal stop, you should stop feeding, all the ore crushing Chamber within the discharge stopped after crusher and conveyor. Breakers stop the rear to stop the pump. In case of emergency shutdown, accidents have been processed before the backlog of ore crushing Chamber must first be cleared to drive.

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