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Operation and maintenance of hammer crusher

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy Industry Co., LTD.   Release time :2017-04-20

  Safe operation

  1, inspection, must be properly wear protective equipment, carefully and carefully.

  2, regularly check the hammer wear, observe whether the hammer has a hammer, hammer connection is vibration, and do the corresponding treatment and to the higher leadership to reflect.

  3, crusher broken material size is not allowed to exceed the maximum size of the specified material.

  4, observe the operation of the crusher sound, check the hydraulic and lubrication system is normal, found abnormal and timely contact with the control, according to the situation to take appropriate measures and timely reporting to the higher authorities.

  5, regularly check the transmission belt and coupling of the protective cover with or without loose, anchor bolts with or without loosening, or to tighten in time.

  6, regularly check the bearing temperature and sound, the body's vibration, abnormal and timely notify the relevant personnel to check.

  7, when the equipment is running, the crusher abnormal sound, immediately shut down, and notify the relevant personnel and supervisors for detailed examination.

  8, pay attention to observe whether the discharge pit more than the requirements of the feed size of the large, if found, should immediately stop boarding machine for processing.

  Operation and maintenance

  Hammer crusher is a high-speed rotary crusher. To ensure proper operation, the operator must operate in strict accordance with the procedures and make good maintenance of the equipment.

  (1) before the start of the car with the machine on the next, the next step to get in touch, according to the order of parking to the correct operation.

  (2) to be empty start, pay attention to the material should be crushed in the crushing and then stop.

  (3) often check the equipment of all anchor bolts, liner bolts, with or without loosening, if loose, should be tightened in time.

  (4) often check the hammer, liner and other easy to wear parts easy to use, such as the problem, should be promptly treated.

  (5) to always see the lubrication, keep the lubrication system in good condition. Rotor bearing temperature should be kept below 60 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 70 ℃, if found over-temperature should identify the reasons, take timely measures to eliminate.

  (6) keep the feed evenly and be careful not to feed the metal debris.

  (7) should pay attention to check whether the material size meets the quality requirements, if not meet, should replace the grate or adjust the height of the grate bar.

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