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The use and maintenance of crusher equipment

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy Industry Co., LTD.   Release time :2017-04-20

  Mountains and mineral processing equipment: crusher equipment use and maintenance

  Crusher in the work should be regularly check the discharge port is blocked, crusher should stop feeding before stopping, until the block is completely discharged and then shut down. The correct operation and careful maintenance of the crusher ensures long-term continuous work, reduced downtime and repair of the workset, but also to avoid accidents. To this end, the operator should do the following:

  (L) Always check the connecting bolts, especially the square head teeth of the set of teeth, to prevent loosening.

  (2) each class on each bearing, the size of gears and special-shaped gear lubrication l a 2 times to ensure that the bearing pad inside a sufficient amount of oil to reduce the bearing and gear over-drastic.

  (3) feeding tension should not exceed the specified size, feeding to be uniform, to prevent the phenomenon of blocking material.

  (4) often check the temperature of the bearings, bearing the temperature rise should not exceed room temperature 25-30 ℃.

  (5) to move the roller slide chute to be frequent cleaning, remove dust, miscellaneous materials, to prevent the crusher into the non-crushed material body can not move the movement of the accident.

  (6) a sudden power failure must first disconnect the power of the motor to prevent a sudden call to the outside. And then the crusher is not broken material removed to prevent the crusher at the start due to the load and cut off the safety tip.

  (7) pay attention to observe the work of the safety pin at any time, found that the safety pin is cut off immediately after the cut off the power to prevent the large pulley on the sleeve idling time is too long and cause the surface with the grinding is too much even the phenomenon of axle and other ACCIDENT.

  (8) the operator must strictly enforce the safety technical procedures, to prevent the phenomenon of random operation, to prevent personal and equipment accidents.

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