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Fluorite mineral processing line configuration

Published sources :Zhengzhou Shanchuan Heavy Industry Co., LTD.   Release time :2017-04-20

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  Introduction: Fluorite mineral processing technology, fluorite removal technology, fluorite mineral processing equipment, fluorite mineral processing production line, fluorite mineral processing equipment prices, etc. Please contact our technical staff

  Fluorite is the main source of fluorine in the industry, so fluorite is also known as fluorite, its chemical composition is CaF2, crystal is equiaxed crystal halide minerals. Can be in the ultraviolet, cathode ray irradiation or heating when the blue or purple fluorescence, hence the name. Zhengzhou mountains and heavy industry in the fluorite mineral processing equipment technology has a wealth of experience, from 100T to thousands of tons of fluorite field selection are involved, if you need to buy fluorite mineral processing equipment or fluorite related technology, We got in touch with 13007623328. Fluorite flotation equipment available Jaw crusher -> Conveyor -> Crusher -> Conveyor -> Silo -> Feeder -> Ball mill -> Classifier -> Mine mixing bucket -> Float Election machine -> FNX series of high-performance inclined tube thick box -> drum dryer and other related auxiliary equipment, in the following fluorite mineral processing process flow chart shows that this figure is for reference only, according to different ore selection of different equipment The

  Fluorite is mainly produced in hydrothermal veins. Colorless transparent fluorite crystals are produced in the crystal pots of granite or fluorite veins. China is the world's largest fluorite mineral one of the countries, mainly produced in Zhejiang, Hunan, Fujian and other places. The world's other major producing areas are South Africa, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, the United States, Thailand, Spain and other places. Fluorite in the metallurgical industry can be used as flux, in the chemical industry is the manufacture of hydrofluoric acid raw materials.

  Fluorite beneficiation process status: fluorite dressing process depends mainly on your use of fluorite, generally divided into hand selection, re-election and flotation and other mineral processing methods. The flotation method is the most widely used. The following describes the flotation process.

  Flotation used in the commonly used anionic class of agents. Fatty acids used as a collector when they have a strong role in the collection. But in order to improve the taste of fluorite concentrate, the choice of effective inhibitors is very important. Such as water glass, sodium metaphosphate, lignin sulfonate, dextrin, oxalic acid, tannic acid and other flotation agents. Most of the combination of pharmacy into the form of flotation pulp, such as sulfuric acid + sodium silicate (also known as acid water glass), the inhibition of calcite and silicate minerals have a significant effect. Sulfide was fluorite-shaped: fluorite ore mainly lead, zinc minerals, fluorite and more associated minerals, mineral processing methods to flotation as the main process, the first flotation sulfide, and then select fluorite, we Zhengzhou mountains and rivers Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. engineers for you with a reasonable equipment, in accordance with the fluorite flotation process selection allows you to achieve satisfactory results.

  On the fluorite mineral processing technology, fluorite impurity removal technology, fluorite mineral processing equipment, fluorite mineral processing production line, fluorite mineral processing equipment prices, etc. Please information company technical staff

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